Our Signature Wedding Services

for Seattle love stories that deserve a SIGNATURE touch


DIY-ing your wedding is a significant time investment – and you realize you’d rather invest that time elsewhere.

The two of you are busy enough without adding more things to your plates. Between careers and social life and dedicating time to your relationship, there’s little left for planning your dream wedding. 

But finding the help you need has been tougher than expected.

For that task, you need someone with passion, a creative and innovative wedding planner who acts as both a trusted friend and a wise mentor, gently guiding your wedding day.

You’re in the right place. 

Far too many wedding planning companies seem to be looking for a deposit check in exchange for a copy-and-paste wedding. While they’re pretty enough, you don’t care to replicate the weddings seen in magazines or even to have a conventional ceremony. 

No, you want something extraordinary – an event that blends elegance with a dash of fun for a charming reflection of your love story. 

our approach is simple yet revolutionary: We listen to you

At Gilmore Signature Events,


Each person has a voice – one that should be heard and acknowledged. The better we know you, the more equipped we are to serve you. 

So tell us all about the first moment you knew your partner was the one. Tell us your plans, your vision, your dreams. We’ll listen.

Ultimately, we want to craft a customized experience that perfectly reflects the two of you –                                                                  

                                  because your
love deserves a signature touch. 

 because your love deserves a signature touch. 

You deserve a sophisticated wedding experience where each moment is a harmonious blend of elegance and emotion, free of any problems. 

“Geoffrey is a true professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. 

As a bride busy with work, Geoffrey’s insight and connections made planning my wedding less stressful. He listened to not only me, but also my parents in regards to what we wanted for my big day. He has a wealth of wedding vendor connections, which is helpful. When you are planning a wedding, you often don’t even know where to start – let alone who you can count on. 

He made himself available to us and was prompt to answer any questions we had. He was also very thoughtful about potential logistic issues we hadn’t anticipated; he is a quick problem solver. Under Geoffrey’s care, my wedding day ran smoothly and effortlessly; no drama at all!”


Our Signature Wedding Services

Available on an as-needed basis. $75.00 per hour.


for the DIY couple in need of a guide

Signature Wedding Mentor

You have questions. Whether it’s about wedding etiquette or family issues that could present themselves on the wedding day, you wish you had an unbiased, non-family guide to turn to. Now you do! Complete a pre-consultation form to give us an idea of the topics you want to cover, and we'll schedule your appointment. In this manner, we maximize your time for a fruitful conversation concerning what matters most to you. Each consultation session is one (1) hour long.  


for couples needing to find their perfect-fit vendors

Signature Wedding Vendor Referral

Feeling overwhelmed and in need of a rescue? This option is like getting tossed a life preserver when you’re drowning in decisions. Whether you can't find anyone who fits your service budget or you can't find anyone who uses the style you want at your wedding, we have a referral for you. (NOTE: We do not accept ANY fees from referred vendors for this service!) Simply share with us what services you’re looking for and your budget range for that service. We’ll prepare a list of three (3) referrals for that vendor category that we’ve verified are (1) available on your date, (2) within your budget range, and (3) in line with your style. Then all you need to do is contact them. To-do list item: checked!

With big doses of passion and compassion, we have intentionally curated our range of services to add quality and value to your wedding planning experience – no matter your budget.

i need a guide

Available on an as-needed basis. $40.00 per service.



Full Wedding Planning + Design

Signature Love Story Experience

Our personal favorite. We get to plan your wedding from start to finish. Through working closely with you, we’ll create a personalized wedding celebration that expresses your uniqueness while blending in your cherished traditions. The cherry on top? For us, it’s seeing the two of you fully engaged in your special day, free of concerns – as you should be. 

planning from start to finish | starting at $8,000 


starting six (6) months before wedding day | starting at $3,000 


Partial Wedding Planning

Signature Romance

So you started strong. Your wedding planning experience began as a wonderful journey to travel together. You secured many of the services you need…but then somewhere along the way, overwhelm set in. There’s STILL so much more to do! Fear not. If you need someone to step in and pick up where you left off, this is the option for you. Customized to your needs, Signature Romance starts six (6) months before you walk down the aisle – and it’s guaranteed to take a load off your shoulders.



Day-Of-Ceremony Coordination

Signature Wedding Concierge

Honestly, this service is a life-saver. If you DIY-ed all of the elements of your wedding day celebration but now need a professional to review that plan and ensure flawless execution, we created this option with you in mind. Starting a month before the wedding day, you get to have a professional identify any overlooked elements and review your plans for quality guest experiences. When we step in as concierge, we become "communication central" for vendors and family/friends with tasks, taking over the mental load. We ensure everyone is on the same page so that your day unfolds just as you imagined. 

starting four (4) weeks before wedding day | starting at $1,750  


“Wedding details made easy! 

I highly recommend Mr. Gilmore to everyone looking for a stress-free working relationship with an amazing person.”


get in touch

Get Married

Truly enjoy your wedding day, stress-free, as you forward with delight to fulfilling your vows to one another for the rest of your lives. 


You focus on each other while we focus on the details – per the service you select. Often, we become your shoulder to lean on and your mentor to turn to. If a crisis occurs, we’ll be your confident forcefield of calm.

Get in Touch

The better we know you, the more equipped we are to serve you. When you reach out, your free consultation lets us get to know each other. We’ll chat about your plans, as well as your needs – so that you pick the service that is right for you.  

The Signature PROCESS

“We were amazed at how Mr. Gilmore transformed a simple church and reception hall into a beautiful and elegant space.  

"Our reception was in a small space with a lot of people, and he immediately knew how to arrange the room in such a lovely way that we would never have thought of on our own. His flower and décor arrangements were magnificent! He also designed our wedding program, which turned out beautifully! 

We appreciated his calm, confident, and reassuring manner which relieved our stress tremendously! He listened to us and was so easy and pleasant to work with. We received so many compliments from our guests during and after the reception.”


Ready to let Geoffrey plan your wedding… in the way that you dream?


Get in touch, and we’ll help you select the right service for you. Booking your free consultation only takes a minute and can take a load off your plate.