Seattle-based Wedding Planning and Design for the Overwhelmed and In Love 

Throughout the years, Gilmore Signature Events of Seattle has held fast to one belief. Award-winning wedding planning + design can (and should) be inclusive and accessible to all. 


Meet Geoffrey Gilmore

When I was young and my grandma catered fancy dinner parties, she sometimes brought me along to help serve. It was a big responsibility – helping my grandmother. Serving guests meant learning how to do things right. She taught me from which side to serve and from which side to collect the plates. She taught me to pour coffee behind the guests and then return the china to the table before them. 

Award-winning Wedding Planner/Designer | Founder of Gilmore Signature Events

Most importantly, Grandma Gladyce taught me that the work done behind the scenes ensures every aspect of an event unfolds seemingly effortlessly in front of your guests.


The Rich History of Gilmore Signature Events

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Let us focus on the details – while you focus on each other.

Now, as a full-time wedding and event planner, I enjoy seeing creative projects come to fruition. 

It was only three weeks until her wedding day, and her chef/caterer – whom she had booked months in advance – had bailed on her. After I calmed her down, I helped her contact a caterer I knew from working many of the same weddings together. Whew. Crisis averted. 

A couple of weeks later, that same bride called me. She was frantic. Two nights before her wedding, her seamstress informed her that she had completed less than two of the ten bridesmaid dresses she was supposed to make!

In this case, she wasn’t calling for my advice. She was calling to see if I had a sewing machine she could borrow. I did, but I knew access to a sewing machine would not provide her the immediate stress relief she needed!

Calmly, I told her, "You don't need a sewing machine. You need to get your bridesmaids organized. Hit up different department stores until you find a dress in the right color and available in the sizes you need. Have whoever finds them buy the dresses on the spot and meet later to have everyone try them on.” My plan worked. This bride could go into her wedding day with less to worry about. 

It all began in 1975 – when I made our own wedding cake. 

Then, in 1977, I crafted a cake for my wife's first cousin's wedding. 

Fast forward to 1996. One of my wedding cake clients, who had DIY-ed her wedding planning, called me in distress.

After that experience, my mind was drawn to all the other DIY couples out there, struggling with the overwhelm of planning their own wedding. 

2009: I created a high school course called Event Hospitality and Tourism Management. 

In 2010 and 2012, I planned and coordinated two weddings for which I won awards for "Best Weddings with a Budget between $25,000 and $90,000.”

In 2019, I retired from education after 42 years of teaching high school. 

"Geoffrey was a tremendous help for me, as mother of the bride, in providing resources, anticipating needs, understanding their style.

During the wedding, Geoffrey was everywhere with his professional presence, orchestrating events and eliminating potential problems. He is a gracious, creative, talented, and intelligent individual!”


Media, Awards, and Accolades

2002 International finalist in the Creative Solutions category for the ILEA Esprit Award.
2009 International WINNER for the ILEA Esprit Award for “Best Industry Contribution."

Esprit International Awards

Geoffrey Gilmore has shared his expertise as a seminar presenter for regional special event conferences and as an author of a number of magazine articles for the following trade publications: Special Events Magazine, Bizillion Magazine, and Northwest Meetings & Events Magazine.

In 2007, Geoffrey was honored to be the “invited designer” for his innovative couture dining table setting design at the “The Special Event” Conference in Los Angeles.

2006 Best Non-Profit Event under $25,000.
2007 Best Event Logistics 
2010 Best Wedding with a Budget between $25,001-$100,000 
2012 Best Wedding with a Budget between $25,001-$100,000

Applause Awards Winner

Memberships and Certifications

Geoffrey has joined the Wedding Industry Professionals Association (WIPA), and he’s excited to be networking with like minded colleagues. Immersing himself in WIPA’s current education opportunities will help him better serve his clients.

Geoffrey has been a member of the International Live Events Association (ILEA) and is a founding board member of the Seattle Chapter. He has served the ILEA-Seattle Chapter as Chapter President, Vice-President of Education, and Secretary.

As an Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC) member, Geoffrey has earned the Professional Wedding Planner (PWP) designation from ABC. He has earned the Certified Special Event Professional (CSEP) designation from ILEA.